fret edges look like this

the really noticeable section

another shot of it

another shot of the section

scrape in the tuning peg finish

light scratch on the back

and other shots

got this as a blemish from zzsounds:
1) slight scrape in the paint in the low B tuning peg
2) light scratch on the back
3) the main issue is the fretboard binding. Overall it has imperfections, but they're only really noticeable on the upper frets from 19 to 24 on the bass string side.

These don't affect the playability at all.

$700 shippped to your door!

No case, but I'll include the allen wrenches, Tonepros wrench to adjust the bridge, and Dunlop straplock buttons and strap ends.

This will be shipped in the same boxes that it came in through USPS priority mail with signature confirmation and insurance. I shipped my old RG7321 to Ohio via this method and it arrived in 3 days, so don't worry about it taking forever to arrive.

I can wire it up for the 18 volt mod if wanted and at no extra charge!

(Schecter box with styrofoam neck brace + outer box to hold it + larger outer box and packing paper)

As for trades, I'm interested in 8 string guitars at the moment. I'm not interested in single pickup guitars; neck pickup is required.
forgot to mention this is the model with the Schecter Brand Locking tuners (very convenient!) and that the pickup selector has been treated with DeOxit and ProGold for optimal use.