Hi Guys,

I've got this Laramie (cheap 60's/ 70's rosetti import) hummingbird copy which as cheap and knackered as it is, I love to bits.

It came with really terrible tuners on it some of which broke due to forcing the machine heads to move against the set of 13's that the previous owner had put on and these were just too heavy for the guitar.

Anyway, I recently took this to a guitar shop to get new tuners and the fella told me not to bother. The bridge was coming away from the body and could come off at any time and its just so cheap it wouldn't be worth fixing.
I bought a single machine head to replace the broken one and fitting 10's onto it which relieves the tension.

Anyway that's the long story, what can I do to fix the bridge? He quoted me £60 to put a new one on but doesn't make any sense on a £50 guitar in a £30 case.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I'd go get some titebond and glue the bridge back down. It'll probably be difficult to clamp seeing as you'd need a long g-clamp or bracing clamp and you'd have to use it through the soundhole to hold the other side. Also you'll have to think about resealing the wood. If it's a treasured guitar by all means fix it, but it's not really worth the time, money and effort for something so cheap.