Alrighty, so I'm applying for a music course at my university, but I'm stuck on the application form.
There's a section on prior experience and theory background, which is obviously taken into account, but won't make or break me, I assume, in the chance for a position.

Anyway, the sections there are;
1. Performance or practical skills.
2. Ensembles/groups or bands
3. Music theory
4. Other field of interest/experience or prizes and award details you wish to mention.

I'm pretty much at a loss for the sort of thing they want me to put here.
What would your opinion be on each of the sections mentioned? What should I include?

Currently, I'm thinking to include for each section;

1. Standard skills obtained through high school music.
2. High school class bands, extracurricular musical groups, church musician, various local bands and recitals.
3. High school equivalent, private tuition for 8 years.
4. I won some music competition a few years back.

I'm asked to iclude some musical pieces studied over the last two years on my instrument, but I'm at a loss of what to add, mainly due to my theory work and not any real performance of songs..
If anyone knows any music I could include (since I won't be asked to perform it) it would be great

Any help is greatly appreciated
1. Have you performed in front of any audiences?
2. Have you been in any bands or groups?
3. Do you have an understanding of music theory? If so, provide some examples.
4. What else are you interested in? Is there anything interesting in your life you wish to tell us about?

I would say your assessment is fairly spot on. If they have any questions about your answers, I'm sure they'll ask.

Good luck!
i would put down something like
1. Studied year 11/12 musical performance (or what ever you did)
2. what you put down is fine
3. elaborate on highschool. highschool equivilant isn't very descriptive, you need something like, advanced highschool music theory. also include what type of theory you know. you know, pretty it up a little.
4. just tell them what you actually did. the event + year.

as for the music pieces. just put down anything thats heavy with theory. if possible, take some time off to learn a favourable classical piece(except pachelbel's cannon) . they always look nice.

goodluck man.
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Thanks guys, this is all real good.

Yeah, I'll elaborate on the high school equivalent bit. I just basically put that in as filler for the moment, but I'll mention the level of theory that I did.

And as for the performances, since the audition for this is a month away, I'm ust writing down some jazz standards which are chord heavy and can take a fair amount of soloing.