I just snapped my 6th string, so the time for new ones is nigh. I've been using Ernie Ball "Skinny Top Heavy Bottom" 10-52's, playing in Drop D with a bit of Drop C. I sometimes find the 6th string to be a little tense in Drop D, and I found the "Power Slinky" 11-48's, which have slightly thicker 1st to 3rd strings, but also slightly thinner 4th-6th strings (if you couldn't tell already), particularly the 6th, which is of greatest interest to me. What I want to know is whether the PS set will be too loose for Drop C (and also Drop B, which I'd like to try at some point)? I prefer to avoid very heavy tension if at all possible (the STHB's were good besides the 6th, if not a tiny bit light), so with Drop B in mind, would the Power Slinkies be the best set all-round for my interests (I'm aware that the 6th PS string is thicker again than the one I just popped)? I have an imitation Strat, if it's of any help to anyone for some reason, planning on a new guitar around Chrissie. Cheers
I use Power Slinky 11s in drop B and drop A on my ESP LTD and they arnt too loose for me... But then its personal preference! Some people prefer loose strings. I prefer really tense strings on Drop C, D and Standard so I cant really help on those tunings...
IMHO, the skinny top heavy bottom set will be better for those lower drop tunings than the Power Slinky set.
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