I have recently download SONAR 6 to record some home acoustic tracks. I was wondering if there is a difference in quality between different recording programmes such as Logic, ProTools, SONAR etc etc or is just personal preference?
Difference in quality? Probably not, but different programs offer different tools on editing already recorded tracks
Some DAWs are better for different things, but there's no difference in recording quality, that comes down to the hardware. It's mostly down to what software package you learn/have access to, and personal preference on the layout and features.
The only real reason that protools is still the industry standard for recording studios is because it knew it's market and got there first.
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Pretty much whats already been said, software doesn't matter as much as hardware.

It doesn't matter what software you use if you're plugging your guitar straight into your mic port, if its shitty going in, its shitty going out (Thats probably a rule for all recording too :p)
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Actually, there is a bit of a difference in sound quality between DAWs. However, it's not from what is actually being recorded, but rather the summing engine the each program uses (the way that the program sums everything into two tracks). The difference is minimal, and most people probably can't hear the difference (it takes a very trained ear), but there is one. You can't really say that any one is better than the other though... That's purely subjective.
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For the most part, they all have the same audio quality and capabilities, it's more a matter of gui and workflow.
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