I love alot of music but the problem is, is that when I try learning the songs, there is alot of fast chord play, and just downstrumming the chords isn't quick enough. I haven't ever learned how to upstrum chords, all I can do is alternate pick notes.

If you guys have any advice or videos they would be much appreciated.

Can you be bit more specific? AFAIK there isn't any special way how to upstrum chords, just put your pick under the strings and move upwards in similar way you move when you downstroke
pick upwards on the high e like you would if you were alternate picking then just keep moving as if strumming a chord downwards

i guess if your pick was angled towards you a lot it might be hard to get the strings to ring so think about that but once you get the notes ringing out right just practice strumming up and down for a bit and you'll have it really; can't think of any other potential problems anyway
I think you need help in alternate picking/strumming. Don't know about your genre preference but one thing I can say, my upstroke became extra accurate just from playing many Lamb Of God songs. As I mentioned, can't take a blind guess at what you like but trust me if you spend a month playing Lamb Of God you'll have the upstroke nailed perfectly