i'm selling my xiphos today for a solid $650 and am looking to replace it quickly with something a little more classic looking (something more classy). i play metal thrash/death, melodic you name it. ocassionally i dip into a little blues or shred but i need a main guitar for my metal band so thats the first priority.

my options:

on my local kijiji there is an ibanez rg760 in beauty shape, stock pickups and all for 500 so i could put in pups of my choice with the difference.

or an ltd-m1000 with original floyd and two emg 81 set.

basically i'm looking for opinions to help me out as im basically at a dead draw between the two. i'm typically an ibanez guy and the 760 is from 1992 the heyday of solid jap ibanez's. but then again i here great things about the m-1000. help?
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