I have an old (very old) Jolan Thinline .
This is new in the picture, my situation is terrible. Cracked paint all rusty and so on. I play metal, mostly heavy metal with this guitar .
you guess it's a huge problem for me. and appearance of this guitar and perfomance are not for me. I know, the easiest answer is buy a new one. No money. Now i need to reach emu 0404 sound card so that I was there merely a lot of money.
My question is how can this vintage wonder herself, in some Ibanez Stratocaster model. I know that it is almost impossible, but we are "poor" and improvisation is our way of living.
1st Can I buy a strat body and put pickups and adjustments and neck on body? Do not lose it affect the sound?
2nd I read a lot online about the painting, and still do not understand that you first need to be coating the wood with something that would absorb the paint color? According to your assessment of how much money paint cost (personally) and varnishing? Is it better to spray or paint?
3rd sounds stupid, but I wanted to blunt the angle of a guitar with an emery and make a Stratocaster (is stupid, children's dreams, but let's mention). Is something wrong, it could affect the guitar?
4th I have 2 singcoil magnet. when I play it is always on high gain distortion. Will more pickups only amplify gain or whatever?
what will guitar sound like if i add 1 more singlecoil or 1 more humbucker

Thank you very much
Rookie you,

Thats awesome! Don't mess with it!
I'm having trouble understanding your questions. First you say you want to replace the current body with a strat body and then you say you want to paint and file the current body. Are these just options you're giving yourself?
Since this is thinline you can't sand an arm contour. Adding pickups won't make anything louder. Just change the sound.

I think this guitar is cool as hell. ANd it is definitely the wrong tool for the job. I am all for moding guitars to suit your needs (I've taken routers and drills to several SG's and Tele's) but this is more like one end of the spectrum to the other. Simple pickup changes could be cool. Don't go completely reworking something so cool/rare because its the wrong guitar for you. But whatever you choose, good luck!!
If you do decide to get a strat body on it.. I'd love to have this tele body. Heh.
Tell me who's that writin'...
Id swap this guitar with someone who will look after it and NOT mess with it. Then do what you want to do with the next one assuming its not rare or highly desireable. I hate it when people wreck a perfectly functional, good looking and/or rare guitar because they dont like the look of it or the sound. I reckon if you want to mess with that sort of stuff buy a cheap but reasonably good quality replica or a Epi or Squier. Killing a genuine Fender, Gibson or similar just for shits and giggles gets you front row tickets in hell in my eyes. Hope this helps. (Hope this saves that guitar from being butchered)