Hey, I've been playing for about 15 years and yesterday i bought my first brand new amp (always got second hand). I picked up a vox ac30c2. I got home and was blown away at the tone from it. I did notice pretty fast that i'm getting a weird buzz / vibration when i play certain notes on the neck. I put a video up on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rcIlSUkMas) here you can really hear it around the 30 second mark. When i ring out the note you can hear it fading out.. Since it's less than 48 hours old i am going to bring it back to the dealer as soon as i can.. but is there anything i could do / check? i'm hesitant to open it up since it's so new. I dont want to void any warranty by doing so..
i was thinking the same, but the only thing that threw me off that is i'd expect tube-rattle to happen at all notes not only some. I then thought maybe it was my guitar, so i tried it on my old amp (JCM900) which was fine. Is it possible the rattle would only happen at certain note / frequencies maybe?
Looks like plain old resonance to me. My KB4 shakes and buzzes everytime I hit a B on the sixth string. Btw what note are you plaing?
Try playing that same note elsewhere on the fretboard. If that happens, then is just plain resonance.
They put Shuguang EL84's in those? You'd think for that sort of money they'd use decent valves wouldn't you?
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