ive decided its time to get rid of the piece of crap line 6 and start looking at a more professional grade amp. unfortunatly, i dont know what id like, or where to start. i play metal for the most part, most doom metal so i need to get a darker sound, i also need a decent clean channel. influences are swallow the sun, dimmu borgir, katatonia, opeth, shit like that. been looking at mesa rectifiers, ENGL powerballs, or perhaps the peavey xxx..... but im really not sure, can anyone help me out? thanks
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You need some of these new Mesa/Boogie Quad Rectifier.

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For Doom Metal I'd look at Matamp/Electric Amp or Orange. The Orange TH30 would be propbably the cheapest choice.
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orange amps are pretty much the standard amp for most doom/stoner metal bands
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Orange is definitely the way to go for doom. If you're on a tight budget, I'd look at used Tiny Terrors, or Dual Terrors if you plan to gig. If you can spend $1000+ then I would suggest trying out the Orange TH30.
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Vintage voiced marshall, fuzz face/big muff, jazz box archtop. i've always wanted to hear that together for doom it would be raw as fukk.
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