Ive recently started playing electric guitar after learning on acoustic. I'm struggling with muting and unwanted noise. Im current playing this riff tabbed below, its played with high gain. whats the best way to mute the note ringing out when playing the next note on a different string?

G ---------------------------------------7------------------
D -------7/9--7--5-----5-------------7/9----7--5--7--5------
A --7---------------7-----7----7------------------------7---
E --0--------------------------0----------------------------
lift your finger slightly so it deadens to the note, i'd just spend some time practicing doing that as it's a really useful for anything in order to have clean playing technique.
Practice your technique, this is something that will not happen over night. Don't get frusterated, skill comes with time.

EDTI: try using your palm to help mute the string aswell
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