This is a link to an old friend, whom I've told many times that she could not sing. I would like you to listen and comment on her video to prove to her and myself that I am not crazy.

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Close, but off is off :/ And if she can't tell the difference between her voice and a truly good voice she'll never know how to improve.
What do you guys listen to when playing video games?
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Men fapping.

Sorry, didn't realize I was that loud.

I'll be leaving your closet now.
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Isn't that just needlessly mean?

She wont take the nice hints I've been giving her, and for some reason, everyone tells her shes a good singer.
She sounds like she might have a pretty good tone if she took some singing lessons, but right now she's just not hitting any of the notes.
Get off your high horse TS. This thread will have no result but to hurt whoever is in the video. If you're seeking criticism upload a video of yourself, then we can talk.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.