Hey all,
I'm looking for a bridge pickup that will give me a good riffing sound similar to Periphery, Veil of Maya, and Between the Buried and Me. I've decided on the liquifire as my neck pup but I'm unsure of the bridge choice. My guitar is an Ibanez RG3EX1(basswood, fixed bridge). Would the crunchlab be a suitable choice? Do I need F-spaced pups? I remember reading on them a while ago, and I don't think I do.
Yeah, I think it would be a good choice. Periphery used crunchlabs on their record i think. You don't need f spaced, f spaced pups are usually only for tremolos.
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if it's a fixed bridge, im pretty sure you want normal spacing. the crunchlab is perfect for that music style. i use the d sonic, a similar pickup, not totally sure on the differences but from what i hear the crunch lab is a tad less bright and a bit more crunchy, hence the name. as a reference, misha from periphery hated the d sonic but likes the crunchlab and uses it on several of his guitars. if you're in the UK, bareknuckles are always a good option, but in the US they cost almost twice the price of dimarzios so its not really that worth it, especially when you're buying them for a pretty cheap guitar.

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