Hello all,
Does anyone know of a method similar to Suzuki, but for rock?

I like the Suzuki violin and piano books, they are great.

The guitar one isn't too good, because I prefer tabs with sheet music. It only has the sheet music. Also the music for the Suzuki guitar sounds boring and that makes me not want to learn the songs.

Is there any Suzuki Rock method, or something very similar around?
most guitar books that ive had to use come with really boring songs...
not many books come with tab and sheet music but there is a hal leanord book (not sure if sold anywhere else but canada) and i had to read from it for school it had a lot of the songs tabbed

Edit: if I were you i'd go to the closest music store and find the books and look specifically for the method books. although the Hal Leonard ones didnt help me that was because I already knew more than I should have known when I started classes. I was 100% self taught and never needed a book to learn from (although i did buy two when i was even younger)

the Hal Leonard books were Guitar Method 1-3. if they are sold where you are I don't HIGHLY suggest them but I do suggest them for you.

hope it helps a bit

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There are the Hal Leonard "Play Along" books. They are great, but I want something that will slowly increment the scale of hardness, like Suzuki does. So it builds upon previous lessons, and eventually to really hard songs.

I will have a flick through the Hal Leonard Guitar Method books.
im sorry if im not much help on this, ive never really looked through books to learn stuff. i learned from watching and reading on the internet haha. the books I am talking about kind of build strength and teach you knew things. they have things like scales (minor, major and pentatonic major and minor). i remeber there was some style lessons too like for punk or pop or rock etc. I don't really remember much else due to skipping and knowing it all already. haha. but what i had was fairly good. although the MAJOR songs in the book were not really tabbed like the entertainer and Arkansas traveler. there was a couple drop d lessons now that i think of it. it was all fairly basic beginner stuff, with some different things that most books had.

but like i said try and look through a lot of method books at the closest music/guitar store

Dean Soltero USA
Gibson 2014 Les Paul Jr.
Epiphone Prophecy SG (GX? Red with Dirty Fingers?)
Search for Rockschool, there are eight grades and its for electric guitar with tabs. Some of its pretty good, Ive learned pieces from grades 5 - 8. Also try to find out about the Yamaha Guitar Encounters Course, my old teacher was a yamaha examiner and I got the grade 6 - 8 books off him (very well made, using repoitoire from guys like (Vai and Mike Stern), but I dont know if you can get the stuff off amazon or anything. Also I believe that RGT has a similar course to Rockschool (which Ive heard some people say is muc better) so google RGT (registry of guitar tutors).
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