So um, I have a question and stuff.

I don't really have any plans of going to college. However, I'm in my junior year, and right now, I'm taking an AP class; if I take and pass the test for the class at the end of the year, it'll count as a college credit, if not more than one... I'm not very familiar with how it works. If this class goes well, I'll probably take more AP classes next year.

So basically, my question is, if I don't go to college, does the college credit from the class even matter? Will it ever make any difference?
Not really. I don't think employers regularly look at what specific classes you took in High School, more so just how well you did. But if you do take and pass more AP classes, you're better off going to college, because you'll already have a few classes done with and can jump into the more advanced ones right away (plus it'll look good when applying for scholarships).
If you don't go to college, no. If you do, then it's cheaper (assuming you pass the test) because you don't have to pay to take the class.
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