I've been playing around with idea riffs for a song, and I came upon this one that I really, really like. If I could record it and post it, I would, but for now you'll have to assume the speed for yourself... I've sped it up and slowed it down, it sounds good no matter what. Here's the riff. Sorry, I prefer to tab things this way :/ It makes more sense to me:


The only Chord in the riff is the one at the end. Which I think is E Major. I hope I'm right. -_-

I tried to show the pattern/rhythm/speed in the tab. The last set of notes (Best way to describe it....) is sped up slightly. I really do need to record this. I play it clean, distortion makes this too muddy. Nothing is muted.

Anyway, I love the way this sounds. I even moved it up to the 3 bassy strings and dropped the low one a whole step (Drop Db?), and played it similarly but distorted and muted, and it ended up a nice Metal riff. I'm just trying to understand WHY it sounds good. It seems like the notes fit together perfectly, as if they were "Meant" to go together. Yeah, I've made good riffs before, but not ones that had a feel of going together perfectly. They sound good, but don't feel anything but normal. This riff FEELS good, and sounds good.

Anyone care to attempt to figure it out for me? :/
I'd like to know why it sounds and feels good, so I can apply the same theory/technique to other riffs and make more that feel and sound good.
I'm sure my Theory knowledge needs some work.
First chord contains notes(from low to high) Gb, Bb, Eb - It's Eb minor in first inversion(That's when you play the chord without the root note as the bass)

Second chord is Gb, Bb, Gb - For this example, I would say it's still Eb minor just without the root note now

Third chord is Gb, B/Cb, Ab - I'd say it was Gbm add 9, why not Am7 - because the a is an octave up from the G so you got your 9th going there. (These chords are confusing because they only have a few notes from the chord so changing one note can easily change what chord it is, and therefore the feel it gives. EG add an Ab open string and it will sound more like the Abm7, but if you take out the Ab on the high e string and play the chord with an open Db it will definitely sound like Gbm.

Fourth chord is Gb, B, Gb - it's Gb major

Fifth chord is Gb, C, F - I would just say this is more of a sequence if you're sweeping it like it looks like you are from the tab.

Sixth chord is Eb minor - notice how that first chord fits into this shape?

Seventh chord would be Eb major because now it has the major third.

hope that helps.

PS "A chord in music is any harmonic set of two–three or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously" - Wikipedia
Therefore all of those are chords.
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Upside down tableture? What is this blasphemy?

That aside, without completely reading the above post's reasoning, he's probably right.
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Upside down tableture? What is this blasphemy?


Aaaand, you might want to use a mono-space font like Courier New. While it may be possible to read an upside-down tab, all the spacing issues really make it a lot more difficult.

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