"We use EMG 707 and SeymourDuncan Blackouts... and no, this is not an Axe Fx, this is just Line6 Pod X3" from the comments on the video
its the djent man lol its actually a pretty sought after tone nowadays. a lot of the tone comes from picking style. amp settings are usually a bit lower gain than you would think and some trebley/middy fizz, is not necessarily an easy sound to dial in. just google djent tone and you'll get a lot of explanations
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Thick-as-fucking-shit strings, also pick hard as shit. That will give you that "DOUWMMM" sound that you hear whenever the lower strings are hit.
if you have a pod i think alot of them guys including misha use the big bottom amp model from the metal pack you can download. use mids, and less gain for a clearer tone. tight bottom pickups like dimarzio crunch lab or bare knuckle aftermath are probably the best

EDIT: to the guy above, actually thick strings prohibit that BOW sound. my 7 string has .10 - .70 on it and its hard to get that sound. it all comes with a little bit thinner strings actually. find a balance between the bow and sustain.
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Thanks for the help.
I figured out how to get a tone.
It's all about loose strings, the amp model, EQ is just the icing. (and my main amp setup is very close to the setup recommended for Djent)
On my baritone with 0.68 the lowest string it's impassible to get a Djent tone, but if i tune it down to F# than it really sound like that, but it feels like s**t due the loose strings.
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