I say sort of, because I actually got it a couple weeks ago. However, this has given me time provide a decent review and to mod it a bit. Here it is, my new guitar!
(My apologies if these pictures are massive)

This is actually going to be a double review; one for the guitar, and one for the EMG HZ that I put in it. This is also my first review, so take it easy on me.

Ibanez GSA60 - Yellow
I had played one of these before I got it, and I was not disappointed. The neck is thin and plays smooth for any kind of music (I play mostly punk-rock and metal, and I have had no issue playing fast riffs or rhythm lines). However, this model only has a 22 fret neck, so some solos aren't playable. The cutaway ensures easy access to the frets you do have without cramping your hand, a problem I had with my last guitar.

The stock pickups are decent; the humbucker could be a little stronger, but the single coils provide amazing cleans. In my opinion, the middle pickup sounds better than the neck pickup.

The tremolo isn't by any means the best. I know this only from what I've read, as this is my first guitar with any sort of tremolo system, but from a couple weeks of playing, I have found that you can only use it slightly before the guitar falls out of tune; this might be fixable with some new tuning heads, something I will be putting in a week or so from now.

Though it has some drawbacks, this guitar is, overall, better than my previous one, and a good investment.

EMG HZ Passive Humbucker
When I first played through my Crate mini-stack and Boss Turbo Distortion pedal, I was both impressed and disappointed. While the stock humbucker provided a decent sound for rhythm lines often found in punk music (Blink 182, All Time Low, etc.), it didn't make lead riffs stand out very well; mid and high notes just seemed to die quickly.

After some research, I decided to try a different pickup (I had two Seymour Duncan Invaders in my old Washburn, which are, by the way, fantastic pickups). I went with the EMG HZ, the passive version of the EMG 81.

The installation was easy; I spent less than 2 hours putting it in. I had to file out the humbucker cavity in my guitar, as the EMG was a little bigger than the stock pickup, but not enough to notice after the mounting ring was put back on. The wiring was stupid simple; the wiring diagrams provided with the pickup were easy to follow.

Biased by my love for Seymour Duncan pickups, I wasn't expecting this to be as good as it was. The mids and highs come great, they don't die quickly, and aren't obnoxiously dominant, and my palm-muting lines and breakdowns sound better than ever.

Overall, I am pleased with my recent purchases, and am excited to get UG's opinions.
I await your replies!
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I gotta admit for a gio it looks freakin amazing, love that yellow lol
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Always had something for Yellow Superstrats. Probably will never get one though.
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weird taht is is an improvement to your washburn

HNGD! : )
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Always had something for Yellow Superstrats

Those are some really nice pictures you got there.
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HNGD! Some lower end guitars can play well.
That really looks amazing, imho.
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