Hello All.

I am upgrading my Guitar this year for something to fill the void where a social life should be.
Its a 1999 Yamaha Pacifica EG-112.
I have hand sanded all the cheap black paint off and have decided it will be a Natural finish with Stickers because i am such a rebel.
The pickguard will be a Red and Black Tortoiseshell with either White or Black pick up holders.
I am going to re-varnish the Maple neck and possibly varnish the Rosewood fretboard to make it smooth (the Rosewood quality is terrible, no amount of sanding will get that shit smooth). So i would like suggestions on any good things for Finishing the body, neck and Fretboard.

I would also like advice on the electronics, i would like suggestions for a good quality 5 way switch (Yamaha's 5 way switch seems to be a medieval lever).
And any suggestions for a replacement for the Tone and Volume pots (I WANT TO GO ABOVE 5 AND HEAR THE DIFFERENCE) .
Finally the P.U.P's i would like advice on which to get; The pick ups are H-S-S i would like a pick up in the neck that sounds mellow and decent clean but when you put the overdrive on sounds punky.
I would like the middle pick up to be a good heavy rock pick up with fairly strong feedback (i play a lot of alt rock ) and a good amount of tone.
Finally i want the Bridge pick-up (the humbucker) that is similar to the middle pick up but with less tone , a good rock pick up with a bit of feedback as well.