Me and my band's other guitarist both need new amps. We figured that we would have a lot less problems if they complimented each other in the mix. I've always wanted an Orange Rockerverb (low mids), and the other guitarist wants something like a Matchless DC30 or Chieftain (high mids). That would probably be a killer combo. With the majority of what we play, I play rhythm, and he plays his complimentary riff/melody over mine. However, I also play 99% of the solos. Can a low-mid oriented amp still cut over a high-mid oriented amp for solos? Maybe an EQ pedal or two would help?
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You should be fine. EQ them to compliment each other and not sound best solo.
Before even thinking about pedals I'd experiment with dialing in the darker amp with a bit brighter settings (maybe turn the treble or prescence up more than you're used to). I'm not familiar with the mentioned amps.

But if you are going to use an EQ pedal and want to cut more, I'd suggest subtley boosting around 2-3k. Assuming that the other guitarist has a naturally brighter sound, boosting frequencies much higher than that may invade his space/range too much, and you don't technically need them in order to "cut".

On the flip side, the other guitarist, with a more naturally high-mid, cutting amp, could make manuevers to soften the sound. They could cut their highs a little, use their neck pickup, or roll off the tone knob on their guitar. As a rythm guitarist, perhaps if they used an eq pedal their could have the mids comparatively neutral, but not scooped.

Just some possibilities, if your purpose is to balance the two.
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