This track is inspired by the game Wipeout; hence the title and the samples in the track.

I would love to hear some feedback on it, especially regarding the mix (as i always have trouble finding the right balance in dubstep and electronic music). If not then ANY comments are appreciated and i will C4C if you leave a link

- Jim
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I'm not sure I'd really call it metal, I was expecting to hear some dub-step beats over top of a metal instrumental, like on Korn's "Get Up," however, it was really cool and I enjoyed it! The mix was pretty good, though I'm not really one to judge a dub-step mix The levels seemed pretty accurate though and the whole feel of the song was really cool.

What are you using to do all this? I actually just recently started listening to dub-step and I think it'd be pretty cool to add some small parts here and there in my songs.


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Thanks for the feedback mate Yeah it's more like metal-influenced dubstep i know, but i thought i'd throw metal in there anyway.

I used Reason 4 (Thor synth) for a few sounds but mainly some free vst's (eg. itchy synths) in Cubase 5, with Addictive Drums for the drums and Cubase to mix it all. Let me know if you want more details

I'll check out your track very soon!