I'm looking a distoration pedal that has a deep growling sound to it. First thing that comes mind for what I'm looking for would be the first audioslave album type distoration. I know getting that exact sound is impossable but any pedals that go in that direction. I've tried the agro... big muff... germanium big muff(pretty decent ) and a couple other still haven't got any in that direction any suggestions
I've heard good things about Ibanez' Bass Tube Screamer, although I haven't used it.
is this what your lookin for?

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Rump, a P-bass delivers a rump in the sound such that, similar to the rump on an African American woman, it is the highlight of the tone.
As a massive Tech 21 whore, I am going to recommend either the VTBass or the Bass Driver DI.

You can hear the VT on both of these covers (more overdriven sound in the second video):

Welcome to the Jungle Bass Cover
The Collector Bass Cover

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