Hey UG,

Me and my wife to be are getting married and we decided to get each other wedding presents! And she suggested that she get me a guitar! Yeah crazy I know!

So my current guitar is a Ibanez rg350dx and I've been slowly getting sick of it for the past 2 yrs due to the tuning problems and tone.

So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for another guitar. My preferences are a fixed bridge with a hard metal tone and a pronounced clean.

I have been looking at the new SGs with the GEM active pickups but there aren't too many reviews on the guitars. And I'm not too knowledgeable on pickups themselves.

So I guess what I need to know are the difference between active and non-active pickups and just some preferences on the sounds I would like to get. Thanks!
Is that EMG pickups?

Where's Waldo?

What about an Epiphone Les Paul Custom? Also congratulations for getting married
Schecter? Some great guitars in there and most of them are aimed at hard rock/metal.
Hey thanks! I probably should state my budget. Im going to cap it at about $1200. I actually owned an epiphone sg special before. I don't know how similar the LP custom and sg is though
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If you're interested in SG's maybe look at an ESP Viper, I quite like the tone of some of the higher end ones, http://adf.ly/2ZYvx

Love the gold on white look and from the reviews looks like an awesome candidate for the type of music i play! thanks!

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Schecter? Some great guitars in there and most of them are aimed at hard rock/metal.

There are some awesome styles! so many to look at
the most expensive one you can find!

Schecter or ESP LTD is a good choice
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I really like the viper 1000 in the black


It has EMG 81/85s and the SG look that i crave at an affordable price

and the gibson SG morte


Which has these GEM pups which are also active that I know nothing about and can't find any good reviews on. I also like the no fret markers and the fact it says 'gibson' on the headstock

Which one??
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Active pickups require batteries. Just sayin cos you said you didn't know anything about them.
Thats about all I know about them actually lol. Cause my bass has actives. just have nothing to compare the sound to. Only guitars I have heard are passive.