Unlock my heart from the freezer
let it thaw and let it beat.
Let it melt away its frost in the midday sun
and beat for another, beat for myself.
Fill it with the energy and the spirit of this earth,
and have it dance with all the vigor and the violence
in the fire; let the heat wrap around it and
lick its wounds yet bring none to ash,
let it grow strong yet tender.

Allow another to carry it,
but perceive deeper into their soul.
Find the light within and accept it,
and shed yours upon them.
Give yourself freely to them,
and trust yourself to know her when she appears.

The only loss to claim now is to harden yourself to what is around you. Do not let yourself take this empty life. Love permeates this realm and is freely available to those who lend theirs to it. Like a raincloud, what water you give to the earth will be returned to you tenfold. Give and receive with an open heart, it is the essence of life.
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I honestly dont really know what to say about this piece, but in a very good way. this is the kind of telling rather than showing that works so well because you commit to it and do it with confidence. I found myself nodding along here because I agreed with what you were saying. You have to be careful with cliches in poems like these (especially with mentions of hearts and whatnot) but i think you avoided those beautifully.

I dont know. this would be my pick for WOTW if I had any say in it. more people should read this.

hope you stick around.