Something i wrote just now in the last hour or so. I have other songs but i might aswell post this, i usually hate all my lyrics anyway , i can't tell if this is any good or not..

No End In Sight:

There's No end in sight and theres' no way out,
trying to hang on, but you know ive got my doubts
I will stand by you, but i need you there for it
I'll try my best for you, but please just think about this..

If you could live in one day of my life, would you ever keep it this way?
If you knew how i feel would you be able to carry on like this, could you take it all away?
(as we turn away..)

There's no time left, what will be will be,
a world of darkness as far as i can see
I don't wanna hurt you but i can't take it at all
you always told me you'd be there, i never thought you could watch me fall?

I've thought about it 10,000 times, and i can't do it anymore
things are going in circles now, feelings i can't ignore..
I would never want to even try causing you harm
but if i stood before you in tears, would you take me into your arms?