I'm 18, and i have absolutely NO upper body strength. I have great cardio, and can jog one hour nonstop. BUT i can barely do legit push ups. I can't pick up my own weight. I weigh 170, yet my max when benching is 130 (and that's probably gotten lower now) How can I build up some muscle slowly. I don't wanna be BUFF, just toned. Any tips?
Lift weights with your arms
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There's a traning and excercise thread. Use that one.

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The Nutrition thread will be full of info but get on a training program because just going to the gym lifting random weights doesn't work. Also, get on a diet to get you where you need to be.
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If you want to tone up, find some dumbells that are comfortably heavy and easy to lift, and do lots of reps, and make sure to focus on each muscle individually (bicep, tricep, shoulder, forearms, etc). Thats just what I do, but I'm no expert.

Seriously, there is a fully active thread on this, use the searchbar.
use the official thread. and DON'T just do arm exercises, do fully body lifts, ie squats, deadlifts and train your back. the anabolic effect from lifting bigger weights all over the body will build your arms up more than just training your arms.
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Do push-ups, pull-ups and curls. Start with something light (10, 20 pounds) and then move up as you become more comfortable. start out with 3 sets of 5, take a break, and then do 3 more sets - do that every other day. It will work your amps and some of your upper body, but not much else. If you have access to one of those all in one exercise gyms with the pulley systems you can use those too.
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