So I've recently purchased Steven Slate Drums to be able to make my own drum tracks in Pro Tools, but I'm having a hard time finding a midi controller that is compatible with my setup. I bought an Akai LPD8 but cannot use it because it connects via USB, and my computer only has one USB port which is being taken up by the Mbox interface that I use for Pro Tools. I tried connecting a USB hub (splitter) to my computer in order to connect the two pieces of hardware simultaneously, but an error (DAE-1115) comes up in pro tools and the program won't open. I also bought a USB-MIDI converter in an attempt to run the LPD8 into my Mbox instead of into the computer, but to no avail, the lpd8 wouldn't power on and therefore my computer didnt recognize it. If anyone here that has experience with this sort of stuff could lend some advice I would greatly appreciate it. I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. I'm thinking there must be a controller out there that I can plug directly into my Mbox via midi cable and use it as I would a midi instrument, but if there is I can't seem to find it, they all run with USB. Anyways, somebody please help me! I've had SSD for 2 weeks now and cant even use it, I just want to make some freakin' drum tracks already
It's not a driver issue. The LPD8 needs it's own USB Port directly off of the computer to draw power. Likewise, I imagine it is the same thing with your M-audio device. The only thing that I could suggest would be to try them with a powered USB hub if the one you tried them with wasn't. Otherwise, you just may need a computer with more USB ports.
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