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Hello pit, I decided to do this thread because I'm just curious to hear your storyes and also because I have nothing else to do.

I started playing guitar beacuse I got bored of playing piano, and my mom wated me to continue to play an instrument, so my uncle had the idea of lending me his guitar, and since then I've never stoped, now everyone says I'm obsessed with guitars, but I'm dont give a **ck about what people say as long I'm happy doing what I most love to do.

So... Tell why did you started play guitar/ bass.
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So... Tell why did you started play guitar/ bass.

Because I wanted to pretend to be my favorite guitar players.

or you know to get the ladies...
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I started playing bass cuz I thought a bass felt cool in my hands, and I needed to distract myself from my terrible addiction to video games... then I heard some guitar players and decided I wanted to do that instead.
My mate was starting a band and needed a bassist, so I took up bass. I disliked not being the main focus so I started guitar.
Saying that, the band never got further than me and him sitting in his front room with no musical knowledge, couldn't play anything, literally anything and ended up going on his trampoline.
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I started guitar because I thought it was cool. Played for a few years to get chicks then swithced to bass because there were to many guitarists better than me and not enough bassists in town. and to get chicks. and its hard to kick out 1 of 3 good bass players in town.
My uncle has played guitar his whole life, and I wanted to be able to play the music that I listen too. If anything it's given me a much better understanding of music
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I started when I got bored with cello and I was just starting to explore music and discover what music I enjoyed. Since most of my music was guitar oriented, I decided to pick up a guitar and try to learn some songs.
Because I hated the instrument I was currently playing and so I could play some insanely awesome music
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I was in love with AC/DC at the time, then I saw a video of Angus Young playing live, the pure raw energy just from a video was awesome.
Got bored with violin.
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Always had an interest in it, and then finally decided to learn to play for real.

The moment that sticks out in my mind of when I really wanted to learn was after watching CC Deville in the "Fallen Angel" video. Say what you will about that, but I like Poison, and CC isn't that bad when he is actually playing something and not just doing the wanker stuff.
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This is pretty ridiculous but I'm sure some of you are guilty of this as well.

I got really good at Guitar Hero 2 and wanted to learn guitar because of that. My brother at the time was taking up guitar. Not wanting to play the same as him, I played bass and have never looked back
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wanted to be like Billie Joe Armstrong. Well, that's not common at all xD
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When I was 14 I watched my cat (who I'd had since I was 2 years old) being put down. He had kidney problems and ulcers were appearing at the back of his throat. I was extremely devastated (serious depression) and had been playing guitar (not passionately) for 2 years by then.

I bought a Beatles chord book with all their songs in it and started playing guitar non-stop. It was the only thing I did, and I put everything I had into it. John Lennon became my idol, and I begun to learn about tons of other bands like the Beatles. It was a giant domino effect after that.
i play guitar. my dad plays guitar. my grandpa played guitar. i guess it runs in the family.
we also all have the same first and last name. *shrug*
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I started rapping to get girls cause playing guitar in the 21st century gives you nothing but self achievement.

I learned guitar for self achievement and fun.
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I needed a way to relieve stress and make me hate my life less. So after seeing videos of Anthony Green in Saosin and other artists releasing all their energy on stage I was inspired. I took up bass first because I liked how it was underrated in a way and wasn't the main focus, so I could let loose more instead of just focusing on the "lead" part. Then I kept feeling shitty, and knew that I wouldn't be happy playing other peoples music, so I picked up acoustic guitar and improved my writing and singing, and now write my own songs. Its really nice. I have a garage band I play bass in and write fun songs with to jam to, and I also have my acoustic and a few friends I can play/write more emotional music with. Besides being too young to really gig everything is awesome right now.
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I was surrounded by music since I was a kid. My mom sings and my parents started taking me to concerts when i was a baby. When I was about 5, my dad bought me a small guitar that I'd play around on. He was good friends with Howie Epstein, the bassist of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Howie had given him a Gibson Les Paul studio and a Fender Jazz bass. One day, I heard my brother playing Zeppelin's In My Time of Dying on guitar and I knew I needed to play. I immediately picked up the gibson and started learning it by ear. I was 10 at the time and I've played pretty much every single day since.
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I started playing guitar because while I loved playing piano, still do, I was bored with only one instrument. I wanted to learn more and try various new things with music. Since then I found out that I can pretty much pick up any instrument and with a little bit of instruction of how to actually play it, start playing music by ear on it and eventually learn to read music for it.
Music is my refuge.
I can crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.

It seemed fun and I had a couple friends learning at around that time, and my older brother had began to learn... Figured I might as well...

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Combination of simply wanting to be in a band with a friend and have that whole experience since I was young, Guitar Hero, and Protest The Hero.
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My cousin got an electric guitar and amp with a distortion pedal, and told me I could play it while he was at work if I wanted (6 hour shift). I spent the next 4 hours playing the opening riff to Smoke on the Water
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I had 5 starred everything on expert on Guitar Hero 2, so the only option left was to pick up a real guitar.

Lame story.
True story.

Didn't take it very seriously.
Still don't.
Because i htought it was kool
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I always thought it was really annoying how everyone and their sister played guitar around me, so i started playing bass and i was the coolest mother****er around then.

No srsly, guitarists were always asking me to jam n st00f.

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Combination of simply wanting to be in a band with a friend and have that whole experience since I was young, Guitar Hero, and Protest The Hero.

This as well.
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Was spending most of my time listening to music and wanted to make my own. Couldn't afford a bass so started playing the guitar instead
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