So, what is your favorite cheap pedal? (meaning under $100) It doesnt matter what it is
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This may seem odd, but I really like the sound of the Boss Super Overdrive (40 bucks), pushed by a compressor. With some delay and dampened tone knobs it automatically yields a kind of Eric Johnson-esc lead sound. It is warm and smooth for such a cheap pedal. I was surprised.
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I bought a Berringer Bass overdrive pedal new for $20.I like better than any other bass overdrive I've used. I know being Berringer I thought at least I only paid $20,but it's held up to 3 years of playing live.
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Behringer's VD-1 is the ultimate Budget Big Muff!

It's miles better than an unmodded DS-1.
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Danelectro French Toast ain't bad either.
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GFS Greenie OD pedal it was $50 new and is a great 3 mode TS clone.
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My Way Huge Green Rhino OD pedal (which I got today). It's basically a tube screamer with a bass and treble booster to make up for the loss in bass that the TS-9 brings.
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The dano transparent drive and the cool cat drive both v.1 only though. The bad monkey.
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Playing on some new gear....review to follow
Ibanez tubescreamer ts-7 . most horrible looking pedal ever ( well not that bad comparing to Dan electro ) .. but its a lot cheaper than the tuberscreamer AND it has a second mode (HOT) that add gain and give a nice high gain overdrive . The high gain of the second mode is smooth .. its not "distortion" but more a lot of overdrive . doesnt sound at all like a Crunch box or disoriton pedal .

i sold this pedal cause it was so horrible .. didnt fit in a boutique pedalbaord but IMO .. its was a nice pedal .

they sell for like 35 / 40 $ $ and truly does a great job .

now that im rethinking my set up i might just buy another . i saw one on sell for 40 .

** this pedal is the best i heard for punk rock . Tubescreamer are usually use to "boost" an amp , but the HOT mode of this one make it very useful by its own ( into the clean channel of an amp ) to play punk rock , pop /punk . the overdrive give plenty of gian but smooth gain .

for 40 $ .. great pedal .

and i only tested it with a crappy solid state amp 10 watt in a bedroom . .. i cant imagine how great it must be into a nice tube amp
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Behringer's VD-1 is the ultimate Budget Big Muff!

It's miles better than an unmodded DS-1.

I must try that. Is it a tone sucker?

My favorite goes to FAB Overdrive - warm sound, similar to my bugera's gain channel, but lot noisier and "fsssssssss-ing" and coloring..
Second - Behringer TU-300
I like my MXR Vintage '75 Phase 45.
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The mxr dyna comp, phaze 90, danelectro, fab flange,(its actually a decent cheap flanger if you don't got a crap ton of money to burn on a not so commonly used effect this is an excelllent choice) elecectro harmonix lpb-1. And the bbe two timer and danelectro pb&j. Awesome feaken pedal
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The Ibanez "soundtank" pedals. I got my phaser for about $20 a few years ago, but they have 5 or so of them at the Guitar Center down town for $10 each.
Easy, Ibanez TS-7. Probably the best $25 I've ever spent on anything gear related.

The Boss HM-2 is also an awesome pedal. I got mine for $35, I think.
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i would say boss stuff but thats too generic.

to throw out some unique choices, GFS tuner pedal and a guyatone compressor.

GFS does what its supposed to, not much else to say. Guyatone is a weird duck, but it holds up well and has quality internals. sounds good.

along with boss, im going to go ahead and say guyatone is on my personal list of best pedals made for 100 or less.
Bass big muff.

I originally bought it for my bass but it has wormed its way onto my guitar pedal board.

I love it. It's probably the best $80 i've spent.
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