Hey guys I just got an MAB3. Not from GC though, they charging $400 for it. I bought it brand new on Amazon for $330. Idk y gc charges so much.

So the problems im having are. The things that bolt onto the nut. Im not sure what their called because I never had experience with them before. Im supposed to tune the top two strings, then tighten the bolt. Then move onto the next two strings, repeat until all are fastened and in tune. Well thats the thing, whenever I tighten it, they seem to come out of tune. I really need advice for using this correctly.

Second. I know this guitar isnt made for HEAVY stuff. But shouldnt any guitar this price be able to tune down 2 steps? I wanted to try some Dethklok but it was very very difficult tuning so low. Would I need thicker strings also?

And last is. How should I set up a new guitar?

Thanks, ill be looking forward to the help