I hear shopping in a store is best. So I was wondering if there is any etiquette of shopping in a store. Playing it? Touching the guitars? etc... , I am just learning so I am not the best player yet so how can I tell it is the right guitar for me? I am just a beginning teenager and guitar isn't too popular where I live. So I don't want to make a fool of myself. Thanks in advance.
Play em, you have to try them out to get a feel for them. Find what fits your sound the best i.e. metal, clean, blues. If your nervous or don't wanna piss people off then just keep the volume low.. And dont be embarrassed your playing music nothing to be ashamed of
Play whatever you want. The guitar will choose you.
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i don't think it's possible for a beginner to really be able to pick out a guitar because you have no frame of reference. there is no right guitar for you because you're not really a guitar player yet. so just do some research, narrow your brand choices based on genre, and go for something that isn't too expensive.
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Which would be more appreciated: someone wandering in and moving merchandise around, or someone wandering in and asking beforehand to touch? When in doubt, ask them.
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Know what you want in a guitar (ex. Thin neck or thick neck, Body Shape, Neck Construction etc.) If the employee asks what kind of amp you want to play through, pick a nice one that will capture the true tone of the guitar.
Don't play too loudly unless there's not many people in the store; and even then don't over do it. I'd also recommend staying away from Stairway to Heaven, Crazy Train, Smoke on the Water, etc.
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Basically I'd set a budget and keep to it. The higher the budget, the better the guitar. Then get a friend who knows guitars to come in with you and help you pick one.

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It's a good video, but I'm going to have to disagree strongly with:

- Picking a genre. I wouldn't limit myself to any genre ever, especially so if I have no idea to start with.

- Promotion of Fender Strat. Yes, they're great guitars if you get a good one. However Fender quality control is so crap now that your chance of getting a crap one is quite high, and you would have no idea if it was good or crap if you were a beginner.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
bring a tuner with you!!! Tune all the open strings...then check the 12th fret and the 12 fret Natural Harmonics. This will test the intonation of the guitar. It should be spot on. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

I would stay away from floating bridge guitars (especially floyd rose and maybe even strats unless its american) you will thank me later!!!

I have found the Gibson ES-335 to be the most versatile guitar I own. A les paul is probably good to, however it won't get the jazz tones the Semi-hollowbody gets.
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I found that the best guitar is the one you can just play without any real warm-up involved. I found a Gibson Les Paul two days ago at a Guitar Center and I just about died when I had to put it back up.

It's all about the feel really.
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It's all about the feel really.

Yep^ every guitar, even ones of the same model are going to feel slightly different. The "guitar chooses you" might seem a bit silly, but it's somewhat true. You can have two guitars of the exact same model and you'll find some subtleties between them.
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