Yeah haha I remember my first solo, I actually have it tabbed out in guitar pro just to remind myself how far I've come. Not bad for a first lead though
Also You should play a buncha solos from songs you like, It will help alot with ideas and abilities in regards to lead guitar
Your bend on the first note was out of tune, and your pull-offs sounded terrible. After 0:12 it got better though. It's hard to really say anything about the solo without context though, but I like how towards the end it builds up to the climax, building lots of tension. After that though you don't really resolve the tension, but like I said it's hard to tell what your intention is without context. Good job for a first solo though.

Just click on the link in my sig and watch any vid you like.
The bend at the start was out of tune... The rest of sounded okay. You need to practice playing it so you can play it flawlessly, but It sounds nice for a first solo. I'd like to hear it on a recording with all other instruments and such.

Good Job!
Thank you everyone for listening. I'll admit the pull off's in the video suck, I was trying to do something extremely fast, that was probably out of my league. I can do the pull offs normally, I was trying 15p13p1213p12p10. I've only been able to get it a few times completely accurate, I've been thinking about just trying to change that part. I know there is no context right now, but it's basically an interlude, leading back into a chorus, from a strong bridge. I don't want to come all the way down with all of that buildup, I feel that it will make the ending chorus even more powerful. And the buzzy noise was more than likely the fact that I am just using a camera Also, on the bend note, should I just take it down 2 frets and bend so that it would be in tune? Or is that wrong?

Thanks to all that have listened, and I will check out your videos shortly.