Hey all

pretty new to the forums.

Just wanted to ask a question, been doing a little research and im curious on what to get with a new guitar, and a new amp

i currently play on a squire bullet....ugh..
and a marshal 15 amp...eh

ive been looking at the schechter omen extreme fr, and some ibanez and esp guitars as well.... any pointers?

and amp wise ive been looking at a peavey vyper 30?

let me know what you think
I dunno much abt a new guitar cos im still stuck with a shitty guitar.... but i upgraded to a Peavey Vypyr 30 from a 10W amp and i can say that im 100% pleased.. it makes it feel like im playing with a good quality guitar.
Alright so what styles are you looking at playing? I'd highly suggest getting the Ibanez if you're looking at a floating trem, the ZPS on the Edge Zero/Edge Zero II and ZR trems make life a lot easier. But word of advice, if you're going to change tuning, do NOT get a guitar with a floating trem (ie, Floyd Rose and the like)

Good choice on amp. Had the 75 for a while.
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