There are some days where I pick up my guitar and it just seems like i can hardly play it. Like if I'm just not feeling it for some reason. Have any of you guys ever experienced this type of thing? Do you have ways of getting over it somehow?
i think we all no that feeling alittle to well :P but generally if i have to record a metally rock track and i just dont feel it, i usually just go for a run and listen to some of my favorite bands from that genre and once im more pumped up it comes to me
Welcome to music. This is normal. I feel the same way going to work some days. In addition to taking jazz lessons, I'm also taking piano lessons. When I feel that way, it effects two instruments. Best thing to do when that happens is just keep it light. Find some song you really like and have a go at it.
Everyone has had one of those days.
Just go do something you like and return when you're in the mood.

When I get bored I just go and play some video games.

Hope This Helped,
it usually happens when i wanna play some metal songs...if tat happens, i might play some slower licks until i get my mood bac
Stress can do this to you, do a little physical exercise and try and relax your mind.

I also find it hard to play when I'm dehydrated so I make sure I drink a lot of water

If you're still having trouble, play something simple, don't push so hard and come back to it another day.
Don't force yourself to play, it'll make you less motivated. I found after a little break, or some time away from the guitar I'll suddenly get the urge to play again.