lookout, someone calls, the sky is swinging
around-low, low, low-the stars are in my
hair and eyes and a bird picks them from my

no one is around, everyone has either
left town or burrowed underground-

i look through the underwear drawers of
all the abandoned dressers of all the
vacant women-
no i don’t.
The ending is great in particular, really interesting sentence structure
HAHA that was funny, the ending. At first I was like meh, but I like the.. pervertness behind it.
I'm still not sure whether you're high on acid or just profoundly deep, but either way, I can never fault anything you write (apart from minor spelling, usually capitalisation)

"Looking through all the underwear drawers of the *vacant* women"
I assume you're being facetious, this is a deeper meaning. People don't air their dirty laundry in public, and it's not polite to dig. (?)
It's a tightly constructed little piece, well worded and witty. I like it
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