Hello to all. I've been using this site for ages now, since I started playing guitar around six years ago actually.

Figured I'd pop in and say hello.

Not sure what to say other than that. Been playing a stratocaster for the majority of my time. I've swapped between an Ibanez RG and a Gibson Les Paul at times but I always go back to my strat for some reason. I can always play it perfectly regardless of the surrounding atmosphere.

I suppose my style of playing is next. It's kinda odd. It's a Zakk Wylde influenced Joe Satriani. I suppose that's the best I can really do for description since my playing alternates between the two there.

I guess I'm just looking for some tips and potential techniques to use and practice in order to get out of this rut I've dug myself into. I.E. I got stuck into my comfort zone and can't get out of it long enough to practice something new. But hopefully someone here can help me out with that. I know I can learn rather tough-to-reproduce songs namely by Satriani since he's got that distinct sound. :P I managed to get as close as you could on a strat, learned Love Thing and never looked back; play it daily too. So I know the potential is there I just keep getting stuck and lose focus.

So, yeah that's kinda me. :P
sup dawg.

as for your rut-like situation, maybe the problem is that you need to find new music that sounds great enough for you to really want to play it.
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