Am I the only one that thinks cream colored binding on a black guitar looks ridiculous? I'd love to see a black guitar with charcoal grey binding, wouldn't that look good?

Just a random thought after skimming the online music site offering...
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It would look good, but cream looks good too.

Preferably Cream/Black/Cream

Charcoal Grey might look good in that same scenario too, though.
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I don't like black guitars period. Black is just....so boring anymore.
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I love white binding more than cream, but I guess it has it's purpose. Who am I to decide what looks good to other people?
Depends on the color of the back IMHO.
If the back is natural wood colored, then a cream band may be the best looking because it mellows down the big contrast between the back and black top.
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Cream isn't too bad on transparent black or red finishes. But I much prefer solid white binding on black guitars, just look at the Tremonti below, sexy.

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White binding = the shit.

Even some red binding can look killer.
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