Hi guys, next Wednesday I've got an audition for a session musician course at a music college. I'm a guitarist btw. I've been told to bring backing tracks for 2 short songs in different styles, so for one I'l probably find a blues backing track and just noodle over that, but for the second piece, I want something that shows off my rhythm skills more. Any ideas? I'd prefer it to be a rock song. Just to let you know, my influences are stuff like Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses etc. Thanks in advance.
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Im pretty sure some uber metal song with complex time signature and fast rhythm changes is the best to "SHOW OFF" your rhythm skills
I don't really thinkI can suggest songs that you should play, because I will only suggest ones that are to my tastes etc. Although I would say that playing a standard 4/4 rock rhythm (palm muted 8th powerchords anyone?) won't be very impressive.

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complex time signature and fast rhythm changes

go for this (no metal please).
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cacophony - speed metal symphony

i bet you get you degree without even having to go trough college.

ok maybe that's a little to difficult. i bet those guys have heard every acdc song 100 times maybe check out Airbourne if you haven't heard of them. it's a lot like acdc
I doubt metal is going to do you many favours, session players can be asked to play ANYTHING, and if anything metal is unlikely to figure because metal bands are usually just that, bands. If they need a guitarist to fill in they'll usually just get a mate to do it.

Session players are more likely to be do things like backing a solo singer so you're more likely to find yourself in the realm of pop. Either that or you'll be doing instrumentals, perhaps for ad jingles or themes or whatever. What you need to demonstrate is your versatility and your understanding of music, your musical instincts if you will.
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YYZ - Rush (not as hard as it first seems) will definitely impress with the introduction and playing the rhythm sections tight is key
Kid Charlemagne - Steely dan, interesting chords, rhythm needs to be spot on and the solo is one of my favourites ever, very jazzy and breaks down conventional keys, this would probably be my first choice.
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