Hello, I've been thinking of getting a new electric guitar but i am struggling with choosing one with such a low budget for desired sound. What i want is a sound like Arctic Monkeys (their first 3 albums) with a budget of £350 i was looking at a vintage modified jazzmaster maybe adding a fender trem on somehow, any suggestions?
I'll be playing through an AD30vt with no pedals as of yet..pedal suggestions welcome aswell

Thank in advance!
I've been looking around at MIM strats and the likes, but i really like the jazzmaster feel/look so i've been thinking of getting a vintage modified jazzmaster and modding it the way i want, new pickups, new bridge/trem. I wonder if it would work out cheaper then buying an actual jazzmaster and what the sound difference would be.
Well new VM go for about the same as a used Fender. Either one is a damn good choice.
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It's basically preference. If you want to go for the budget-style guitar, then an Ibanez RG321MH is the most basic guitar to start with. It costs around 400 Canadian dollars, but don't expect to get a decent guitar without spending at least 350 dollars. Remember: price NEVER indicates a guitar's quality. Even a cheap Yamaha Pacifica sounds better than a PRS guitar. Also, if you want a pedal, then go with a BOSS ME-70 multi-effects guitar, with costs around 600 Canadian dollars. NEVER expect to get a cheap item and use it forever.