So as stated in the title I've been looking around for a nice midrange-ish guitar to put into New Standard Tuning, I have an acoustic in this tuning and have written some really cool songs/riffs and I'm looking to get some dirt on them to see how they fair.

I have found a guitar that I'm really interested and actually love the look of it as well, It is the PRS Semi Hollow SE, the main issue I have here with it is the fact that the bridge has it's inotation(sorry for the F'ed spelling, but you get my drift) built into it thereby it would not do so hot with the crazy tuning.

I'm interested in the guitar as I think it would really complement the sound that the tuning already gives to the guitar. I find the tuning kind of Bright, light, and ethereal (at least that is what I kind have feel)

I started looking at aftermarket bridge's but don't really know what would work, as the size of and spacing, etc. isn't really listed anywhere. So if you guys can help out it would be appreciated.

Also recommendations for other guitars will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Quote by FatalGear41
All Parts has a number of adjustable replacement bridges for the fixed PRS style that should work fine. Put one of them on a PRS SE and you'll be set.


Damn beat me to it!

The adjustable wrap-around bridges are much better than the standard PRS/Gibson type.

EDIT: GFS has them also for $30ish!! Ihave bought many products from them and they have all been great.
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