Did a search: very little other than what people have said they would choose for their models. I did a wikipedia, and understand to a point, but I would also like to hear what you guys think.

Soo.... I am having a Siggery 8 made for me, and I'm not sure if a completely flat fretboard is for me: I am used to playing curved necks (a tele), and I'm wary of taking a risk by asking for a flat fretboard. I am under the impression that it could make some chords slightly harder to play.

Also, this thing will have fanned frets: will that change anything?

Thank you for your time, all hopefully you guys know more than I do

EDIT: Hey Tom. Well, from what I'm seeing, he usually does them flat - that's the main issue; will I be comfortable with it? Can anyone sort describe the differences in feel that a flat neck or a curved neck cause (asides from the obvious)?
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I havent a clue, its a very complex and personal decision, but I would speak to the guy building your guitar, maybe even ask if you can visit his workshop and see what you think?

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I know Marty Siggery personally and he's a very cool guy! I've played one of his 8's and it was awesome, along with most of his other builds.

I think with a flat radius you will probably find lead work easier as you can get the action very low (especially with Marty's detailed fretwork), which allows you to bend strings easily too. The flat radius might not suit as much typical chord playing as a curved radius; in traditional instruments and guitars which tend to suit the curvature of the hand, but I think over time you will get accustomed to it.

The 8 I played was a fan-fretted guitar and I really enjoyed playing it! I actually had it for a week and while at first it was very wierd, it was easy to play after a few hours. It's also a great feature for extending the length of the low F#, whilst retaining a familiar length for your regular 6 strings.

Hope this helps.

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^ I see. Thank you for the info

Is it possible to, say, have it curved "every so slightly"?

And yes, I love fanned frets He told me about the length of the guitar: it is a 27" scale, but he places the neck further into the body and compensates with a slightly bigger cutaway in order to make it fit more cases.
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If i'm not mistaken, typical Tele radius is 9", and vintage style is 7.5" (ridiculous in my opinion). Your typical Ibanez RG/Saber/similar series will have about a 17" radius.

The MusicMan JP models have a 14" radius if I'm not mistaken, and I think that's the best production guitar ever made.

Just giving you some references to base what you may want the radius to be.

You could also consider a compound radius, which a lot of Jacksons have.