So... thanks to a fellow UG'er i found some tracks to practice mixing on and this was the finished product. This is probably the third time (first in at least a year) i try mixing something and i'd like some crits. Any advice/criticism on how i did compared to the original? All i used was a gate, compressor, eq's, reverb, and my ears to edit.


I'm aware that there's a volume difference between the two. Also, i was going for the reverby sound but i'm not sure if i pulled it off right.
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Hey ! The mix sounds very clean ! But volume ! You should really higher the volume mate. I can't get a good listen to details
Thanks! A lot of it is thanks to the people who originally recorded this (the original mix is in there too for comparison). I know the volume is kinda low but i kept it that way to prevent any kind of clipping and i tried to retain some of the dynamics of the instruments instead of compressing everything too much.
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Yeah the first thing I noticed was the overall volume.

Your snare was also a little more dead, along with the kick (but you could actually hear the kick in your mix which was great). I couldn't even listen to the original mix whole way through cause it was so sharp sounding. I loved how yours sounds though, fits that style really well.
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There was quite a bit of sound bleeding into all the microphones since all the tracks were recorded together in the same room. I had to use noisegates on the bass drum and snare to get rid of as much cymbals and bass as i could. I then tried bringing back some of the sound with eq's and reverb as much as i could. Also, there was quite a bit of bass drum and snare on the drum overhang mics so i had to eq them in a way that made the cymbals sound good without affecting the sound of the kick and snare too much since they were overlapping on the sound of their actual mics. I'm sure there was a better way to go around this but i'm barely starting to figure things out so i'm guiding myself using only my ears.
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Hey man thanks for the crit...

EQ up that snare hit, sounds dull. You can put a compressor on the whole track and bring up the volume on everything... turn down the kick some. Try panning things a bit to make it "wider" possibly. Turn up that sax track... idk man mixing is pretty tough to do. You gotta make it louder though
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Hey man. Nice mix. I agree with the others on volume. Perhaps wack a decent limiter on the master channel and get a few dbs out of it?

Another thing is the guitar sounds like it may need some more effects. It's very leady, so perhaps some more reverb and a hint of more delay. Might help it stick out in the mix as well.

Snare could use a little work too perhaps. I mix metal, so I'm not 100% how natural you want to be keeping the snare sound in these mixes.. but it sounds like it's not poppy enough to cut through the mix nicely. I'm not too sure on this one. Something sounds out about it but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Otherwise, everything sounds awesome. Bass sounds nice and chunky and the other instument (sax?) sits quite nicely in the background until the end, when it steps forward, which I liked. Nice job.