Hey all.

I made another key center thread, YAY!
This one is about this song.
I can't transcribe it as I never played it.
This one is also about perfect pitch, to see wheter I have it or not.
It resolves at E major I think, even though this is metal but I know it resolves at either E major or minor!
And at the verse, where Devin sings ''You gotta go down down deep into the pain''.
I think I hear an A power chord and playing a G note on the E string in between the A5.
Am I correct?
Note I'm writing this without access to a guitar. Sounds like it's in major for the majority of the verses, an I - bVII - IV progression. Modulation to a minor (perhaps parallel minor on the screamo parts). Modulation to something on the solo.

Hope that helps
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.