It's good but there is like... no low end at all. Where's the bass mayng?
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Sounds good but bring the bass up in volume. Also if you have a high pass on the kick bring it down a bit, it's starting to get clicky.
I have to agree with everyone else on the low end. I can definitely hear the bass in there but the track itself is too trebley, particularly the drums. I noticed the vocals were more than one track and think it would've sounded pretty cool if you could have gotten two of those sections, pan them, and have them overlap a bit. I'm not sure if i'm making any sense but i think think the vocals could use a some more variety to make them more interesting. Overall it was really good and a lot more than i expected.

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Alright, thanks guys. So, more low end, high pass on the kick to get rid of that clickyness, and jazz the vocals up more.

Hopefully I'll be able to notice this all myself when I get some monitors. :P