I have a band audition today and I need help tabbing these 2 original songs-- Very easy- But the problem is im rather tone def I cant hear a song and tab it out you will be rewarded for your services shouldnt take a few minutes if you think you are talented. Any takers? 10 for accurate tablature of each song

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You waited till the day of to learn the songs?
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=It's currently 10:37 Central Time and my audition is at 5 not to mention I have to drive to atlanta for it- which is an hour ahead-- Needless to say I want to nail this audition I already know the cover tunes Im supposed to learn just need help with these 2 easy originals--- Seriously any takers?
Yeah I waited till the day of like an idiot--- It was an SEC alabama football weekend and I got caught up-- The songs are super easy though-- I just cant hear a song and tab it out since im a noob -- But I can read accurate tab though
If you are tone deaf how would you know its right?
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Paypal $? at least I don't feel like I am missing out, as this is one of those American things that I can easily ignore . But what songs are they?
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