Hey guys! It's JboyFreshhh here. My friend and I released a more refined version of one of our previous tracks and it's up on iTunes right now. Please check it out and let us know what you think! Click the thumbs up button if you like it! Thanks so much


And don't forget to check out the other song that we have up.

As always, feel free to leave any original material or covers on here and i'll critique it accordingly

Wow, very enjoyable song!

I loved the intro. Overall it sounds great but the symbals sound kinda harsh and the bass drum could use a little more "boom" but that's an easy fix with some eq'ing. The vocals are good but they leave something to be desired. Loosen up a bit more! The only thing i'm not a fan of are the lyrics. They seem kinda cliche and maybe forced in some spots in order to fit in the rhyming/pattern. Another piece of advice would be to make another acoustic track and pan them left and right to get a fuller sound during the choruses and verses. I also noticed that during the lead distorted guitar part there's not a lot of treble in the song. You could try filling that blank by raising the volume on that lead part and eq'uing it to fill it up.


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