Yeah yeah yeah, I know, what possibly could I do with another Boss pedal?

Saw it at GC the other day, didn't have time to figure it out, so I just bought it. Got a Boss PSM-5. Power Supply/Master Switch. It's basically just an on/off switch for other pedals. Since I have the Boss LS-2, I may just use the PSM-5 as a trader. The only other possible use would be to use as an FX loop for my practice amp perhaps.

Pics for those who may not have seen one (I think it's an older pedal and not made anymore). Anyone know for sure? It's not on their website. Only cost me $20.00 so an FX loop for my MG10 it is...

i wouldn't need one but for $20 you cant go wrong.
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Quote by Darkness in Zero
does the master switch function switch on/off multiple pedals at once? if so, i need to nab one of these to cut down on footwork...

Yes it does, it switches off as many as are hooked up to it. But as already stated, the LS-2 is far more capable. But for cheap....this works.
That would be kinda cool if you wanted to use multiple pedals for a solo or a part of a song. HNPD!
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I have one and love it. Mine is my uncle's from the 80's. The switch doesn't work too well though, but overall a great pedal! Hope you enjoy it!