Recently i just remembered seeing this bassist on youtube, and now i've tried to find him again but without any luck.
I'll give you whatever information i can remember, surely i hope that's enough!

1. As i recall he is asian in some way.
2. The video i saw had black/white color-theme. Maybe a slight blueish feel.
3. He played slap bass.
4. He had a kinda crazy haircut.
5. As you can probably tell, he was a solo-artist. He had no band.
6. A video on youtube.

This is what i remember, some of the information might seem irrelevant but well.
If this rings a bell anywhere, please grant me a link!

Why did you actually have to see THIS again ????...
Once is more than enough if you ask me!
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theres actually another one with him in a bikini
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Always that video <3

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