Hey guys, I was wondering around before buying a new accoustic guitar, I was thinking of buying one that I can plug to an amp, question is, does it matter what amp I choose?
I have an Ibanez TBX30R electric guitar amp, could I use it? or I have to get an accoustic amp? what are the diffrences? anything big? could it cause trouble?
As I've been looking for the best way to amplify an electro acoustic guitar for a long while, I've found that you really need to shell out money, to get a good sounding amp.

Electric guitar amps do physically work, but they sound pretty bad, so I wouldnt advise using one. Bass amps, however, are a bit more pleasing on the ear.

My advice would be to invest in a DI box, or specialised preamp, then plug into a PA system. I've just reviewed my Takamine Acoustic DI+ on UG, and I believe it made the front page, so you could check it out, and see what an average acoustic DI box can offer.

EDIT: This information is only useful, if you want to play acoustic live. If you just want it for playing around the house, your best option is to buy a completely acoustic guitar, as they will be cheaper, or if you spend extra money on it, the construction and acoustic sound will be far better than an electro acoustic of the same price.

You really dont need an electro acoustic to play around the house with.
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I'm gonna get a regular accoustic guitar then, I won't be playing out with it any time soon.
thanks for your advice