So about 2 weeks ago I ordered the black arts pharaoh fuzz. I played around for a couple hours, and liked it a lot but it wasnt quite what i hoped for.I played around with a lot of settings, like the ones i found on pgs and gearmandude videos, but was not getting their sound or a whole lot of things i really liked. It really lacked the versatility I was hoping for.

This was of course because I have a $200 amp. I knew it was a possibility but I didn't think it would hinder my ability so greatly to get sounds I like out of this pedal, but now i really don't think the pedal was worth the $150.

So here's my question; they have a 30 day refund policy and its been about half that. I could return it and put that money towards new gear, (but since I don't have a job, a decent amp could take a while), hang onto it for the day I do get a better amp, OR, i was thinking that since my amp only has a tone control so if I got an EQ like a Fish n' Chips, would this help me get better sounds from it? I really hate to have to send back what I know could be a pedal I'd really like, but being a poor high school student, that money could come in handy.

Also my birthday is in November so if i sent back this pedal I'd have about $200, I could trade in my 2 amps and old guitars for some extra cash, and get money for my birthday, I might be able to get enough for a blues jr or egnater tweaker. Please help me on this, thanks
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i would say hold onto the pedal. you can always move it to another amp. I'm listening to the review of the v5 by the tone king on youtube right now and it looks like a pretty nice amp. i don't really use fuzz pedals but what i think may be happening to you is that your getting too much mud in the signal. i would suggest using the amps cleanest sound and then run the fuzz through it. since its such a low wattage amp your getting early tube break up that is introducing some mud into the mix.

i use an mxr 10band eq and that greatly helps my tone so maybe give something like that a shot. i can't speak for the danelectro pedal but i'd be careful with buying cheap stuff like that...
What kind of amp do you have? If it's solid state, then fuzz probably won't sound too good through it. In my opinion fuzz sounds best when it's run into a tube amp that's a bit overdriven.

Edit: I just read your sig. If I were you I'd work towards getting a new amp.
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I was in the exact same situation as you last week. I bought a Pharaoh from PGS, but when I tried it with my amp, I didn't like as much as I thought I would. I ended up returning it and I don't regret it. I like my Big Muff Pi a lot, and that's really the only fuzz/distortion I need right now. I'm gonna use the money to save up for a better amp.
i guess the ? would be what sounds were you expecting? for those who missed it he is using a bugeraV5 which is tube. i never use my fuzz without a wah as by itself it is way to dark sounding. click on the wah and bang sound greatly improves.